Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Reflections on The Refreshing...

So, it's all over. My second story within this format, and it is hard to judge the success or failure of it. In one way, I could say it is more of a success than Postcards In Winter simply due to the fact that I had more actual followers registered, and have had slightly more feedback along the way. But it is difficult to gauge. I believe in this format. I have enjoyed my two forays into it. But is it worth it? If I enjoy it, and someone else out there does then yes, it is. Even if I am the only one who enjoys it, that is enough. It is an outlet, this is all I need. As an aspiring author with what may prove to be just pipe dreams of being published, the chance to at least get some of my words and ideas out there is more than enough to satisfy my artistic and creative dreams. For now at least.
Will I do it again?
Of course I will.

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