Monday, 2 February 2009

The Refreshing, Post 10...


After waking this morning, having had an especially weird, startlingly vivid dream, I decided that I would get out of the building and try very hard to keep from bumping into Kimberly again. In the dream, we were in the middle of an…intimate moment, shall we say. I was laying back and enjoying it, while she was on top, with Olivia Newton John’s “Physical” playing in the background. Then, from out of nowhere, the cloud dropped, covering her completely (we hadn’t realised, as we both had our eyes closed). Three seconds later, I opened my eyes because she had stopped, still on me, and was confronted by the cloud right in front of my face. Before I could register what I was seeing, the head of a wild cat (my knowledge of wild cats that aren’t lions and tigers is fairly basic, but I think it was a jaguar) burst out of the cloud and started to eat me, just as Olivia Newton John got to the “Let’s get animal” part. I knew if we got it together again I wouldn’t be able to concentrate with that image undoubtedly popping up in my head, and it would have been something of a mood dampener.

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